It’s still not even 9 o’clock.  People passing me day started what are they doing.  Should I get up and off the lap’s keys, get to pool early?  Who knows… no plan.  Mental health and happiness sans plans.  Quitting plans and planning, for good.  One thing this trip has taught me.

Kids walks up to the parrot’s cage, waves, no exchange.  Kid leaves and parrot calls to me, looking right at me.  See older couple walking toward the check-in/out counter with their bags.  I feel sorry for them, and begin to dread when I have to leave.

I’m here now, I say to self.  Be NOW, in all its revolutions.

More parents with their kids walking by, making me miss mine.  Jack and Emma and Henry would go nuts over this place and everything about it.  The water slide, which I might go down today… of course the beach, the food… everything.

Latte done.  9:08.  Go upstairs get dressed, freshen up a bit then back down and at pool.  Look at me again, planning when I said I wouldn’t.  Okay, done now… I swear.

Caught myself staring at the palm trees stretching to the sky up and over the waterfall and its path.  That simple turn – HAPPY.