9:07, didn’t realize it was that early.  Perfect time for a walk.

Back, left phone here.  Felt lighter, liberated.  Another new idea…. Call at noon.  Wine friend Chris coming over later possibly for a glass.  That café, Noto, the small business type I love.  The smell of the coffee and espresso, whatever breakfast sandwiches those are, and burritos.  How the same frequenters are seen.

Small wine shop and label picture in head, seeing it now between emails and prospecting attempts.  This trip is for collection, re-collection and new assembly.  Now I’m looking forward to it, really.  How could I not?  I’m going to Maui, FOR FREE.

Have to hop into AE mode but it’s hard this morning…

10:49 and writing break.  Been steady in prospecting motion.  Have to call lead from yesterday in 10 minutes.  More and more I’m looking forward to this trip – waking early tomorrow morning, the drive down, possible mimosa or two before boarding.  Writing while in flight, if I can.  I hate flying and anymore it’s nearly impossible to focus on anything but the wee-est bit of turbulence.  Didn’t write a thing flying to SEA, certainly not from there to Redmond.