Seattle, WA.


Airport.  Some café around the corner from my gate.  May be able to depart earlier with another flight around 1, but I have to check in the gate attendant told me, to see if someone didn’t make it or cancelled or something.

See some around me already having wine, beer, some cranberry-based cocktail.  Not me.. too early.  Will write more about the flight later, but it wasn’t as bad as I feared it’d be.  Turbulence at the beginning, one scary bump and shift of the plane, then it was over.

9:13am, more people file into the café and sit at the bar.  Couple things on my mind but I’m letting go of them.  Focusing on where I am, what I’m doing.  Here, finally traveling.. Seattle before my connector flight to Redmond. 

Waitress brings me coffee, just black.  Asked if they made lattes even though I’m trying to quit but figured I’m on vacation why not be at least a little bad.  Mask off, finally.  Shit, been on my face before the flight and during the flight which was about an hour, twenty minutes. 

Oh my god that coffee is amazing.  Well, I am in Seattle right?  People around me talking and rushing, looking at their boarding passes making sure they remembered their times right.  Others just go to the bar, order their Bloody Mary, look at their phone with the mask just below their chin.  Surprised how busy the bar is and how the bartenders already seem flustered or stretched thin.  This airport is amazing, I say to myself and text my parents and sister.  Sure it’s like every other and Mom and Dad have been through this space a hundred-plus times during their airline careers.  But this is new to me.  New again.  Already planning my next trip.  Won’t let self bring laptop, just ONE journal.  Pack even lighter than I did this trip.

Not sure I’ll get in a run when in Sunriver, probably just workout in room tonight a bit and if not run first thing tomorrow matin.  An older man sits at the bar right in front of me and orders a Bloody.  The bartender asks if he wants a double.  “Double’s fine…”, man says.  “Actually you can go triple with it.” Wow, I think to myself.  Must have been a rough flight.  Shit, maybe I should start drinking early.  I did yesterday, but waited till after noon.

Travel… music… how the music on my phone completely helped with any nerves present which this morning weren’t many even during the brief turbulence spell and cells.  I stop to look around, don’t want to write for a couple seconds or possibly minutes so my fingers halt.  Pick up coffee, and take in everything, every human and character around me.  Two ladies at tall table in front of me sipping white wine, one of them with an open laptop.  They must be on a business trip.  How do I travel more, I ask myself… with the photog project and blog, the new camera.  Will probably buy one while in Sunriver, drive to bed for the day with Mom and Dad and get one of those Cannon models I was shopping the other day and this morning.

Mom messages me, asks if I’m awake.  How could I not be… moving, On The Road… I’m Sal Paradise this morning, everything music and everything a photograph, painting, a play.  This coffee, unimaginably flavorful and authentic, its own form of music.  Place, scene, movement.  Someone else orders wine, and I just wonder how.  Not judging, but examining character, the story I don’t know.

Tiredness hits me a bit, so I sip deeper and in near-angry angle.  People in back of me laughing, waiter passing me to get to another table.  They’re playing oldies, part of me bobs my head then the other is too tired to continue.  Shouldn’t have brought this laptop, not sure why I did. I guess to deal with something in the AE story if it pops up.  Trenton my IT buddy texting me last night while at dinner with a friend, telling me the 4 site contract will land next week.  Hoping so.. want to start building conversations for 2022, and get into the BDX office.  BDX, the new abbreviation, like an airport.  So enlivened being here, I nearly don’t want to leave and dread the arrival of my confirmed flight as well as and especially the earlier one I might catch.

Waitress asks if I want another coffee and at first I say no but then she like the bartender asks again and I have to say yes.  Will sip slow.  Fist cup, or glass, nearly done…. How will I approach photography.  Do gigs for free at first, maybe a couple handfuls.  Then start charging… family shoots, or wineries maybe that want new visuals…

Fist glass done.  Haven’t sipped from second, yet.  Text my “Seattle Mom” Carol last night letting her know I was going to be in her town, here at the airport.  She told me her and her husband Peter are leaving on a flight at noon and should be here at 10 which is in 15 minutes.  Texted her this morning and haven’t heard back, and I’m not mad or anything as into this table and this chair, the coffee and café that birthed it I am.  I look up and see a Coach store.  Will go in later when I walk around.  Not hungry, yet… just devouring the characters and this airport, the actuality that I’m FINALLY travel after YEARS of wishing and being discouraged by some voices.  No more. Now, FREEDOM.


Not what it looks like or seems, but actually is.

Jesus… I cannot believe how delicious and bewitching this coffee is.  Already nearing 1000 words.  Already?  This proves it, I need more travel.  Next trip, Colorado.  Aspen.  The wine & food festival they have.  Now I do want a glass of wine, but will refrain for all those wondering.  Ha ha….  This is too much, and not enough, and just right.  This is love, I’m finally LIVING.