Light prospecting today. Gather self. New position and attitude. No distractions.


Setting certain momentums in such a way that they can NEVER be moved.

Then I’m frustrated, by certain questions and voices and solicitations… like they want me to stop these writings because….

Moving past.  10:58, leaving in 2 minutes.

Back to house.  Counting days to Oregon….  Wake early tomorrow like my friend, head to 24, workout for an hour, whether moving slow or not.  Trying to fit everything in the day, EVERYTHING, that I want to do or could do.  The key is getting up earlier.  How do some people do it?  What did she say, 4am or earlier?  How does she do that?

Re-evaluating my relationship with SELF. What I want from it, what I can do with it… Sedaris in my head, looking for funny.  Well, I’m still at this Starbucks, have barely done a goddamn thing for the AE story, and……

Latte done. The tired will be here shortly, I’m sure.

Looking through Facebook memories, picture from 11 years shows. Me with two people I met from Northern Ireland, at an old spot on RR Square not there anymore. Use all minutes, don’t think about what to write I remind SELF. If you’re doing that, you’re hurting the would-be pages.