On AE laptop, somewhere outside house.  Drove by some condos on Fountaingrove.  Nice but nothing striking or taking.  Will keep looking, saving.  Bought a sparkling water here, and have dinner with kids later.  Trying to minimize spending, but it’s tough.  Breakfast earlier now this water, dinner later for kids…  Tomorrow, nothing anticipated.  No dinners or meetings or–  Yes there is.  SHIT.  Okay, nothing after that.

Mom and Dad leaving for Oregon. Me jealous, wishing I could just leave now and reconnect to Sunriver, start my relationship with that resort community and the trails ALL over again.  Have it form with more intimacy and intensity, more consistency than when I was younger.

3:33, my relationship with today is interesting.  Not like yesterday, but the same ease and contentment.  Teaching me about Bottledaux, and its first signed writer – ME.  Older couple at left, putting money back in her wallet, husband follows. My understanding and acceptance of my age, always been hard.  And it delivers more difficulty.  The process doesn’t reverse.  Brilliant observation, huh?

Still waiting for ICB to get back to me on proposal revision.  I’m getting impatient at my age, and I can only find it hilarious.  An agitated badger.