Great call with prospect.  Really nice and funny I’m guessing Russian guy, Alex.  Love calls like that.  Where they’re interested and kind, eager to hear what I have to say and offer and what I have to offer isn’t some resold AT&T circuit that doesn’t just sticker-shock you but sticker-SLAP.

9:58am, and my mood is gliding, hovering like you see Osprey do in Oregon above one of the rivers or lakes.  I swear, if one contract lands today, I may do a kamikaze mission up there for a couple days, or three.

Just had an idea for the #prospectesk blog project.. and another… hold on…..  Need to think about it for a second before acting, moving, moving something around.  Next call, less than an hour.  After that, offsite work.  Where….. who knows.

My thoughts yesterday on the wine industry, taking different shapes this morning.  More of a side-project, not primary.  OR, a primary and dominant effort in book form.  Days of tasting room and on-site shit are done, with the exception of Caddis every other Sunday of course.  And even that, who knows.

Have to run today, 5k at the very least.  And up here in Skyhawk.  Hills… oh shit, did I forget my shoes?

Just checked, no.  Will use the other, older pair I kept up here.  After the 11am call, just go out, no goal, just see what I do.

And like that, the morning goes more or less silent.  Maybe the day’s telling me to take a break, for a second collect.