Idea hits me for class, this semester.

I write in journal, beginning to end how the idea will take shape and maintain the 18 or so weeks.  Want this semester to be my last conventional semester, at SRJC or any college.  How do I build this, what I say…?  Taking my time.

Looking out at view, Mayacamas.  Now, this sitting, this table, ME – new experience. 

Remembered that the prospect wanted an email, so just sent one.  See what happens.  Prospecting when it’s easy, if it’s EVER easy, is one thing.  Doing so when things are slow is another… #prospectesk is for tough times, not when sales are just attaching themselves to you like raindrops or slowly descending snowflakes.

Calming… slowing….  I do give a shit, but not that much of one.

Fear becomes my most direct foe.  I thwart it with Coltrane, work, this sentence and the next.  Understanding Mike Madigan and how he arrived here….  Complicated, not really.  Rather candid and direct.

Big list of new leads allocated.  Will get into, in a bit.  Short run today I’m thinking… change phone, can’t forget.

Taking a break.  Watch a little news.  Disconnect from screen.

12hrs, 26min into fast.  Persist.