7/27/21 morning

Should absolutely be at 3000 words a day with the shift, my running declaration.  The only reason I’m ever short, and always am, nearly, is me.  Again, a day to be replicated and endlessly emulated.

Coffee here on couch, 7:25am.  Woke at 5, early 5-something and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Eventually did but not for that long.  Will need a nap at some point, no doubt.

Should be hot today so I either need to run earlier or resign to more speedwork.  Just rubbed my eyes and nearly yawned.  Can feel the exhaustion hooking around me head and heart.  Ignore it, I tell myself.  Remember what today has to be.

Jack getting ready upstairs and will be down here soon.

Attitude is your Architecture, I repeat to self.  Who I am and what I am, what I do and how….  A no-so-young writer, needing new experiences.  Well, I have one.  So note everything.  And not just the shift, but all days are new experiences. You don’t need to travel halfway around the world or to the other side of the country.  That’d be fun, and valuable, but it’s not needed if Newness you’re after.