Up Applied

A message went out either yesterday or this morning that if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear your mask.  At office now.  Entered through front and walked to this desk, seeing one of our Sales Engineers and his wife who’s the Enterprise admin, neither wearing masks.  “Hey!  You know if you’re vaccinated you don’t have to wear your mask anymore.”, she says.  I act like I didn’t know for some reason but did, took off mask and started swinging it above my head like a dancer.  They both laughed.  I said it felt odd to not wear and and she agreed.  “I feel naughty not wearing it, like I’m breaking a rule or something.”, she says.  I agreed.

Something new in the story, can’t say what… but LIBERATION.  I could’t stop smiling from desk to break room where I bought self a sparkling water and the admin a Coke, just as Happy Friday signaling.  Now back at desk, and I’m actually smiling.  No bullshit, like smiling at this screen, with this word and the one before it.  Why did it take this long…. What, what do I make of it?  What will it make of me?  There are days like this as an AE where you have to remind yourself to see everything as elevating and empowering.  About, EVERYTHING.  Everything is meant to power and bring your to an opportunity.

Friday, so I’m not prospecting as heavy.  Told the director, Mark, that I would canvass a bit in Rohnert Park, and I still might.  Even if I don’t though, I’m planning next week, and the one after.. making this Account Executive assignment something completely different… when I walk in this office I want people to see me and know I’ve done something.  Just what I want, and you could call it selfish but I would call is self-fixed.

Start conversations… okay, in a minute. Need to collect in this new reality, one long overdue and awaited, finally slated.  Bottledaiux as an idea, even before I came to Sonic, when still indentured in the wine industry, was an AE concept.  Everything that is wine, I sought to write.  And still do, but from principles of even higher altitude.  Everything is connecting, and more than connecting COMMUNICATING with each other, with me, and newly.  Today is definitely defining, a vast verisimilitude of beneficial vexing in a way.

Sales Engineer friend moving from one desk spot to another.  What metaphoric and symbolic poignance.  Moving… changing spots, realities, views, EVERYTHING.  Starting to get a little hungry and thinking about lunch.  Need to conserve cash, so I’ll get some microwavable something from he break room.  Ugh, don’t want to, but I really can’t make a habit of lunching out anymore.  OR, subway again.  That sandwich was only $9, and a whole one—  NO, eat here.  Stay in the atmosphere and on the stage…. AE, AE, AE.

I’m bored instantly, and not sure why.  Smile gone, but no scowl.  Feel like I need another haircut.  Do I?  Maybe I do.  Random meditation there I know.  I need to be more random.  And now I can be.  The smile comes back, and promises to take face-residence.