In Sonic office.  Brought sparkling waters, snack.  Going to communicate some pricing in a bit.  Didn’t bring in earphones intentionally, wanting to be as connected to this office and the AE story as I can.  12:09, and planning to remain till 5 or possibly a bit after.

12:32, sent a couple emails, nearly done with first sparkling water, need to walk around and stretch in a bit.  Slow today, me, my character, my thoughts, something.  Different than yesterday where I felt like a newly-fueled jet.  Not today.  Definitely no run which discourages and angers me.

Testing self with something… discipline, or…  No idea what I’m trying to say.  Keep self in chair and moving on keyboard… waiting for a new idea to land.  One that will change the entire AE story, and the principle Mike Madigan narrative altogether.  Looking through past entries and Facebook posts.  Familiar stories of course but different and much varied in sensibility as I’m reading them now, at this age… here in the Sonic office.  Still startled by even being here, at an internet company when I gave so much to community colleges and the wine industry.  And for what…. Well, for this.  THIS.  This sitting, this day, the AE story and sea.  Read differently…. Waiting that ONE idea but not, putting self in more position to find IT.

Hear some people laughing behind me, other end of building.  Door opening then closing.  What am I looking for, I ask.  No idea… be perceptive, see and hear and feel EVERYTHING.  That’s how you’ll meet this idea, this universe or climate.

Get up, walk around the office, see the Now and is frame and composition.

The data center and its sounds, lights, monitors, layout.. the breakroom and all the people that pass through it – all the people with jobs here, what Sonic has done for people…. Analyze.