1:49pm, in Sonic office, sending emails and noting everything that lands on brain’s re-enlivened branches.

Spilt out coffee at home since I was leaving.  Will get some here in a second.  About EVERYTHING… AE, AE, AE I keep repeating to myself.  Much more in the needed note collection of steps than I was when at home.

As an AE, and I know this, I MUST be out of the house. That just typed, walk around here, the office, get coffee… earlier someone from install (I think that’s the department) said something like, “You still sellin tons of stuff and pissin everyone off?” Course he was joking, but still a direct and connective compliment.  More creative, more conversation.. had another idea.  The AE way and game, conversation …. That’s the company I’m starting.  About EVERYTHING – in ONE place – BOTTLEDAUX.

Feel like I cracked a code or something, or wrote some algorithm.  Did I?

Note letting self go over 199 words in a post.  Or going to try.  Containment, that empowers and intensifies the conversation, the creative.

2pm – with coffee, new beat.  Lead comes in goes nowhere.  No letting it disrupt my directedness.  Not today.  Notebook open, more music to play.