Not doing the countdown till my birthday I noticed.

You know, the one I always do.  “27 days till 42….. 19…..12…..5..” Not in the mood.  It is what it is and I am who I am.  A number decides very little if anything.

Both big kids up, running back and forth then playing some game on their tablets together.  Surprised they’re up this early.  Both were outside ALL DAY yesterday and playing the entire time.  Jack played baseball with his neighborhood baseball gaggle till they cited they couldn’t see the ball anymore.

Supposed to be warm today.  So then, probably busy on the square.  Get there early, I tel myself.  Set up then start writing.  Finish this book… wine humor, not really anymore.  Lost that challenge.   And honestly, how funny can wine be?  That one guy on my FB feed who only posts wine jokes and humor, and little remarks.  Sometimes I think it’s funny I guesser and will ‘Like’ his post.  Now though, thinking about it, the wine funnies and not so much him, I just feel bored.  Okay, so what then Mike…. What are you going to do, what are you going to write?