11am – In tasting room.

Saw that Pangloss had a full desk or that street they took over, full of people tasting.  “Dude, who the fuck tastes wine at 10:30-something?  Who am I to make any remark like that?  Well I’m Mike Madigan this morning, who couldn’t wait to get to the tasting room and nurse the coffee from yesterday that I put in the fridge.  Stomach still a bit on the mend from the larger than giant from any mythology life espresso I had this morning.  Feel likes it’s trying to eat itself, my stomach.  Like an animal caught in some trap and the only way to freedom is to enjoy the savory slice of succulence that is your arm.

LoFi beats to start day.  No appointments.  Thanks everything that is loving.  did I note that already.  Probably did.  Feel like I’m still in recovery mode from yesterday, waking early the Henry and through the busy day.  Had breakfast this morning, a sizable one so lunch won’t be a concern.  Concern, why would it be a concern and if it were so what, what could you do if you couldn’t eat like yesterday.  You push through… either way, today I’m more prepped for whatever’s ahead should there be traffic.  (AND AGAIN, to any god listening, don’t let there be traffic today…)

Listening to a new book on the way over, Sloane Crosley’s I Was Told….  Finally getting around to reading.  Or, listening.  Would’ve bought the book the other day at B&N but they didn’t have any of her work.  “WHAT?” I thought, “You’re Barnes & Noble, you should have everything.” And, I didn’t want to spend the money and had a credit on my Audible account so go the book that way.  So much I could say about her writing, but will wait.  Need to start a book group, not some trite “club”.