Typing standing up, in tasting room.

Still tired, may have to get a cup of coffee from that fancy place around the corner, and fucking wait in line for like ten minutes for a small cup of fucking coffee.

Just shot a quick video thought, will post to bx and pm blogs.  MY aims will be met today.  Why, ’cause I just feel stubborn, and determined.  More than determined, but HUNGRY.  I will have what I want.  I reserve the right to be a BULL.

Feel self fading, shit… go get coffee.

People walk by and I’m “Please don’t talk to me…” Yes, I need coffee.  Have the whole day to write, listen to music, write more, try the wines if I’m in the mood which right now I’m absolutely not.

Back from getting coffee.  Sipping slow.  Just set up parklett, ready for day.  On walk to bakery where I got coffee fix I saw three – no four – ladies dressed for the day walk into a bar.  Can’t remember what it’s called.  Went there once YEARS ago.  Thought, “Damn that’s early, even for me…” It’s their day off, why not.  This coffee, dark roast, so far not working, not doing much.

Post to blog, then post video… keep writing.  3000 words today, on anything form this laptop case that’s on its last leg, to the crosswalk at the corner of East Napa and whatever street where people barely stop.  Made me a little nervous, thought this one SUV was just going to blow through the stop.  He stopped, but barely.

Coffee working.  Me still standing and typing.  Happiness is my PHILOSOPHY, all DIY.  Enjoying quiet, no music yet.  Guy cycles by, more than likely a local… need to cycle more.  Tonight, crossing my training up, weights and bike and pushups… running Monday morning.  Can’t wait.  Aiming for 5 miles.  Why would you ever set out to run less.  You might as well not even go, I say to myself.  So that’s my thoughts on running for ME, not others.  Do what you’re comfortable with, what you want, what makes you feel AMAZING.

One reservation for today, Chris reminds me through text.  “Cool”, I respond.