Dressed and ready for Sonoma drive.

5k this morning, as sought.  Pleased, but can tell I’ve lost even more condition.  Tomorrow planning for 5, has to be morning.


10:49 and in Caddis room.  Tables all set up on parklet.  Typing while standing at TR bar.  I like this.  Should get that standing arrangement from Sonic and do the same at home.  Starting to really hate sitting when working at home.  Think I’ve journaled and posted that before.

About to taste through wines.  Told Chris I’ll bring myself up to speed and play around with the reservations software after checking with him about today’s reservations which I thought were none and he confirmed.

Warm outside now, was on run a bit as well.  Can feel the miles, more than I’d like.  Just means I need to keep getting out there.

I wish Chris a good day with his family and he tells me it’s a work day, down in Livermore having to move bels sans forklift.  Suddenly I’m all wine, wanting to write about the industry as I did the other day, positive and negative and neutral.  Always coming back to wine, the wine world and its voices.  That won’t stop or change, I feel.  And how could it?