from this morning’s thousand

These wine people….  I have to laugh.  And before you think I’m getting judge-y, listen…..  I’ve seen A LOT in the industry, and heard even more.  Some firsthand, and second.  When I say “wine people” I’m talking about those that want to be seen as such for certain reasons.  This could be managers, or somms, winemakers, “journalists”, marketing twits, I could go on an on…..  It’s the attitude.  No, more than that.  Then what… hard to say.  One character, a member of a family who owned a winery and big property (no names, not ‘cause I’m scared I just want to bring this harpy any recognition, good or bad)…. Just a mean and unpleasant individual.  Did she contribute anything to the business?  Hard to say, other than throwing around her name and authority.  What was her knowledge of wine?  I don’t know, she had opinions.  Does that demonstrate knowledge?  Well…….

Just something I’m thinking  about.  Both in terms of writing and extended from the boredom thought.  Like a badge or scar, being in the industry as long as I have.  Not usre I’m proud of it, thinking at one time that I could make a living in the wine industry full-time, but it’s there, here, and I’m writing from those days and memories and battles now.  See where it goes….