Day off. But not. I don’t want a day off.

So much to do, and want DONE.  Jack’s game is at 2, I think.  Emma has one as well.  Not a day off at all.  Using this desk time to organize and simplify.  Don’t think I missed too much yesterday away from he AE story.  Don’t want any sort of a day “off”, partial or whole.  Keep moving, I tell myself.  You know, I always say I need to talk to myself more, map out life and what I want going forward, more “self-talk”…. But I don’t want to plan excessively.  I don’t want too much mapped out.

Emma’s baseball pants not fitting.  She’s too small.  So cute, my little girl.  Every dad say that, I know.  So I guess I’m adding to the collective.

Henry mood this morning.  Funny, me too.  Maybe it’s the vibe I’m emitting, like bad light, or a bad aura, atmosphere.

All money allocated and I just wrote that I won’t mention money anymore.  Growing to loathe it frankly, even though I have more….

10:12am, mad house.  Jack losing his mind and I can help but feed into it, laugh with him…