6:56 AM, on the couch with Jack and Henry. Henry is playing with his toys not sure if he wants to be happy or sad or play or sleep or have his diaper changed. This is me now.

Shot of espresso.

712, and Henry starts to come undone

Then at 7:19 he’s fine. I really don’t know what’s going on with this little human.

26.20 at sbux, shit…

9:02, at desk.  More in my aim to master money and money management, moving funds from one island to another.  One amount to one place, and another to another.  Thinking too much about money, I think.  Not enough about WRITING.  On the tasting yesterday, the “judging” of the wines…. My favorite flight, easily the Cabernets. A little exhausting the whole thing, I have to say, but more than glad. I did it.  I was a judge, someone whose wine scope and experience and personality if you could call it that was summoned, maybe even wanted.  My friend Chris the sommelier saying I deserved to be there…. I don’t know, felt good.

Kids upstairs playing, civilly I might add but loud.  Emma telling Jack to do something.  Jack laughs.