Back from 5-mile run. First of such length in too long. Trying to get back tot he 8-mile lunches.

House quiet and all mine for a bit.  Chugged a bottle of water. now into some of the sparkling black cherry water I bought a short time ago, Oliver’s.

Window by desk open, bird, thinking of writing in Sunriver, or anywhere– OHSHIT… write the notes from run, quick… Done.  Think I got it all.  Writing about every run.  Giving today’s its own standalone piece later tonight.. going a different route then making up remaining and additional turns as I ran.  Wanted 6.3 but also thought it best to save for tomorrow’s run, whenever I can fit it in.  Hopefully Henry will sleep tonight.  And if not, don’t know how likely it is I’ll wake at 5 as I want to for 5+ miles or a solid hour run.  Not worrying now about it.  Celebrate the 5 you just did, I order self.

Not that hungry, surprisingly.  Haven’t eaten yet today, now time showing 2:48.  So at least a solid 14 hour fast.  Yes, I’m trying to trim down to running weight, to 8-mile lunch run weight.