Up a little late and to the desk.

With Henry was up from 2:15-4:15, then 6:15 to about 8.  Waiting to hear from a prospect.  Cannot work at home anymore, that much is evident.  Kids on their Spring Break going crazy, me telling upstairs and telling them to be quiet doesn’t work.  Just calm, I tell myself.  Doesn’t seem to be working.  Espresso now.  Making more coffee in a sec.  I say “more ‘cause I had a cup this morning.

Keep moving.  Slow and steady.  Not about winning any race, just keep the pace consistent.  Not using the Apple laptop during day, only the AE keys.  Cold in here.  Who cares, just keep moving.

Director emails me back saying no apology needed for being late, and as he always says “Enjoy the day”.  And I will.  I will.  That’s what I’m deciding to do.  Early lunch with parents today, at 11.  Then need to meet dishwasher guy here, but they gave us one of those lame time windows.  This one 1-4.  Not sure how that’s accepted practice.  We don’t do that, as AE’s, so… yeah, I don’t know. Kids playing with Henry, pressing buttons on his toys and they