Pie day. Never got it. I mean,

I get the math reference, but don’t get why someone would find it funny or cute.

Typing now from the Caddis room… no reservations today, surprised how busy I was yesterday.  Moving slow this morning, mostly from day savings time adjustment.  A bit as well from the Syrah I sipped last night talking to Melissa in the kitchen.  Been a while since we had a talk like that… just speaking on everything in life – kids, family, coming to understandings and examining opinion differences.

Sparking water.  Coffee making me more anxious and concerned with approaching week than I want to be.  Music on, perfect for a lazy Sunday – relaxed in friend’s tasting room, waiting to see what happens.  Street is loud, East Napa.  Have door opened a bit, may close it though.  Rain possible, not sure I want it or not…. Trying to wake, sipping water again.  Should have packed two bottles.

Not in the mood to taste through wines yet.  Not sure I will be at all today.  Let people do that for me, probably.  You know me and wine… it’s my topic, what I write, about and from, and she always calls me.  But then I think how the writing would be impacted and strengthened if I just wrote from memory.  Or, fictively wrote.  Huh…..

People pass by with their masks on, only see eyes looking at window and menus I have out on the tables, they’re tourists obviously.  I envy them.. they traveled here.  From wherever.  Didn’t let the covid cloud cloud or contaminate their ambitions…. LIFE.  Then I think I need to be safer.  No answers, none.  I’m not someone who knows what to do or has known the right thing to do in this pandemic madness.

Enjoy the room writing….