People stop in front of the room’s window, look in a bit then just stop

and look into the distance.  Guy yesterday standing in front as I was closing up just stood there, said nothing, even after me saying “How’s it goin….” Dick.

The street is so loud.  I turn music up, up again… Need some Coltrane..

Not thinking about the week ahead.  Won’t let myself do it.

Didn’t change the music.  Keeping where it is.  Cars making my head tighten, ache, and annoy me while trying.  Sip more water….

Ignore message.  Ignore what doesn’t benefit you, YOU, immediately.

Imagining this is my studio, my office, people walk by and stop and ask if this is still a tasting room I tell them no it’s just my office. 

“Oh, what do you do?”

I’m a blogger, writer….

They smile and move on.  Of course this isn’t actually happening and did NOT happen… again, did NOT(!!!!) happen.  I’m just playing with scenes, visuals… Right now though, this is my room.  I’m hoping people approach and want some, or lots, of Chris’ wine.  Would love that. Right now though, I’m a writer, in his office.

Writing on writing.. why not.  It’s become more difficult for me I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older.  Maybe it’s not all me.  Maybe it’s people around me.. whomever.  Either way I’m writing about writing to make sure I’m writing.

More messages coming in, and I ignore them.  Well, I am now.  Enjoying the cars now, strangely.  The wall and the name ‘caddis’…. Why are the letters inconsistent?  The ‘c’ is lower-case, as is the ‘a’, but then followed by ‘DDIS’.  Am I seeing that wrong?  Why am I so fixated on that?

Water done.  Shit… where can I get a sparkling water around here?

Cold.  Think I’m going to close the door.  Not ready for coffee yet.  Today could be boring, if I allow.  Write about writing, the laptop on this lower tasting counter, wood.  The upper portion is… is that steel?