10:15am – Coffee and music, writing break.

Cabernet last night with some pencil lead notes, or lighter smoke frame and dotes to its composition and pulse.  Interesting I thought, as I haven’t felt that note in a while. The kind of Cebernet from Napa that attracts me and my wine lines, makes me fill journal pages with wine reactions and talk, sentiment, everything.

Wonder how much is in the jar, for the winery.  Not going to look.  Tempted, but won’t.

May need another coffee.  Yes another.  Judge all you want, I know you need another too.

Rain, where… where.


3:11pm – Shot done.  Had a call when back here in house, some prospecting while finishing cold brew coffee, now stuck.  Still.  Only ‘cause I’m allowing it.

Tomorrow, prospecting from the minute I get up till I have to leave for class.  Leave, huh… yeah, meaning moving from one laptop to the other.  One shot down, so I’ll be out in the street prospecting sooner that I know.

Little tired.  Not sure if it’s in my head.  Ignore it.  Got a Syrah for tonight, to write… from Anderson Valley I think.  Not sure I’ve had a Syrah from there before.  Maybe have, but it was a long time ago, can’t remember.