Posted to teaching blog, emailed students, had another call…. Production this morning is steadfast and musical, reverberating.

Latte’s worn off.  How ‘bout an espresso shot.  Some coffee to sip slow….

Asshole client wasn’t that bad.  Everything handled, had director sign off on something, all is right.  Have a call for just a bit after 12pm.  Nice prospect, in our network’s territory, Berkeley.  Should be an easy conversion, but you never know.

Talking self out of Monday realization.  Listening to more trip-hop and thinking about this… this blog, this book, my life, the AE story and what new directions I want to introduce.  Being at Kunde the other day talking to old friend on that big even area made me feel old, but still… more a writer.  The wine industry, I actually tried to make that work.  Turn into a career, autonomously.  Now, just the blog… the books that come from it. Wine is a book, the AE shape and movement is a book… this desk, this morning, this Monday, this current track – Nevergreen by Emancipator -is a book.  I’m closer to the beach cottage.. that little hut where I finish books under two weeks’ clock allotment.