No music now. Cold. Hungry.

Have stuff here for lunch, but doesn’t sound exciting.  What does.  Honestly, nothing.  Tired of Brinquito, Oliver’s… maybe just have water.  Have a call in a second, then can maybe fit in another nap.  Not “another” as in I’ve taken one already today, and yes I know I promised to quit, but it sounds so good.

Going to relay some pricing to a prospect in a bit, or maybe wait and schedule another call.  Not to drag it out but make it look like I’m going to do some leg work for her, you know?  Some “due diligence”.  Ick, hate that phrase.

Cloudy, but no rain. Good.  Not in the mood for rain.  Not sure why I’m so excited about class tonight…. Think it’s… who knows.  Maybe because I get my vaccination tomorrow, and the Summer I don’t teach and I can be back out in the field, in the streets – Berkeley and San Rafael, Novato – make some more money, get some writing done.. just be out of this fucking house.

I look on DoorDash, another friend of mine since the covid book started.  What could I order.. yes getting into trouble I guess.