Up from nap. 2:17. Just posted a couple things, quiet in the AE story.

Was about to write plan for tonight’s class and email students then remembered I already did that.  Huh…. What’s gotten into me this morning and today, now afternoon.  Must want it I guess.  

IT.  The writing, the books, blog, beach house, travel, this espresso, ha ha….

The espresso is a bit colder than I’d like it be now, but I sip anyway.  Cold in house even after I raised temp.  Not moving from this chair.  Nap was brief and I immediately did what I always do after which is brush teeth, make espresso, return to chair.

Wine now enters mind.  Both business and tasting and my past in the industry.  What do I do…. The winemaking Comp Book, only begun in head.  Notes, start now I order self.  No music on in house, quiet and a bit ghostly, like a haunt is here.  I don’t believe in that sort of thing, so I type on, waiting for an email or a Teams message, or something.

Maybe I should go get some beer, do something so out of character at this point in the day …