February done. Over 200 days into the 365 project…

Hoping this week is more a gem-trove in terms of sales than last week.  Don’t want to think about that now… coffee needs to find circulation, brain, vessel’s full pull.

Can’t write.  Forcing self.  This is always the first thing I do, you know?  Put self at keyboard.

Hands dry, heater on…. Sore a bit from yesterday’s run, but not so much it’s interfering with anything….

Heater off, Jack behind me on couch as he often is….  Need a story.  Something to report on aside from what I’m doing.  Was watching a report yesterday or really an opinion piece by S.E. Cupp on Marjorie Taylor Greene that had me wanting to get more into politics, write about it… but it was only momentary.  Admired her handle of the subject and confident delivery… Watch more news I told myself..  Should write Tom again soon, maybe later today after lunch out with family, in Kenwood finally using that gift certificate Mom and Dad.

Karl had an interesting idea, not writing during the day, at all… saving all of it till day’s end where I hav more story.  Right now all I have is about 20 minutes of life to use in this final February day – And, Jack’s distracting me with whatever cartoon he’s watching.

Feel strange suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly, really since I woke just under 30 minutes in past.

Yesterday then.  Jack doing incredibly well during his scrimmage game with his teammates putting himself in the final 2 of some ‘last man standing’ game they play with at-bats.  After my run I scurried over to the friend on the other side of the freeway to catch what I could.  Saw two hits and again some impressive fielding from my little beatnik.

Moved some money around, settling in a topic of wine already.  No, not that I want a glass at whatever it is now, 7:35am.  Simply more settled in topic, my topic.. wine.. the bottle I had last night even my sommelier friend Chris had never tasted.  He was familiar with the vineyard but not the bottle or producer.  Need to keep searching, I tell myself.  Keep exploring.  More wine deconstruction and sensibility— more Roads with wine on it.. more notes.  More pictures… more experience and drives, more conversations with wine people – friends old like Blair yesterday whom I texted for a code to get my industry discount on his family’s site, then new friends like Chris and his Caddis label, me trying to collaborate with him on a Syrah..

Coffee working.  Need to check email – “I love my new Nerf gun..” Jack says.  Then, “Did you hear that?” He farts.  “Father, it was a light fart, then hard fart.  Light fart, HARD FART..” I hold in laughter and almost don’t write it down because of its inconsistent with this post’s body and “topic”, but then think that’s exactly what I need when writing about wine.. more PEOPLE.  More humor.. more family.

I put a $20 bill in the pickle jar in the lower drawer of desk, for the winery, my publishing maison, for what’s waiting on Day 365.