…the day is for working.  Want to be more of an early, early morning running.  Not “more of”, but solely.  Ask no permission from yourself or anyone… just do it.  5AM launch tomorrow, or death.

Lunch…. Brinquito.  Veggie burrito.  Think this house is driving me mad.

Melissa got her 1st vax dose.  Now I’m thinking of running again.  Just saw a meme on this running blog that said something like ‘Things would be better if I just stopped overthinking and calmed the fuck down.’ True.

When you catch yourself overthinking, it’s like a net with sticky something on each piece of each shape in the net.  You can’t stop.  I need to invent a cure for overthinking.  Don’t expect it anytime soon though…. All I’ve been doing today is thinking on top of thinking, then thinking more, more… and what gets done.  Nothing.  Excess deliberation is a coffin.  Movement is the vaccine.  The cure, the freeing tool, the everything to the nothingness of too much thought.

Wind outside, and I’ve decided no run today.  Tomorrow morning… new project, ‘5am run-hooked’.  What I’m calling it now, working title.

No laughing, joking directly at self.  No more heaping meditation.

Keep the notes to self in lively life and stream.