An idea…. Have to pause on it for now. Okay…

need a break.  Go shave, have music, then return.

Shaved, still feeling that anxiousness and jittery lasso around me with all I have to do today.  Which isn’t much.  So why am I stressing then.  Why am I reluctant to note, scribble, write a poem or song, or make calls.  Should I just take the day?

What would I do if I were a winemaker like my sister and had more than an ‘8’ in front of me?  What if it were more like 12, 15, or 18 hours and however many tons of fruit coming in?

Taking me to another place, another attitude, and another psychology.  I don’t want the morning to feel like this.  So… I hop into the first call with comedic consideration.  And, even funnier, it was the wrong number.  I laugh it off and call someone else, leave a message.

9:09am and I’m still not in any mood to call.  Why would I be?  Know you have to be willing to cold-call if you’re in sales, but I’m just not in the mood.  So what do I do then…. MAKE YOURSELF CALL.