6:36am rise time.  Everyone out of the house.  Me on couch watching news.  Opportunity and its self-written nature.  Keep saying this to myself.  Me alone in this house to write before cabinet guy gets here, and even when he does.

Journalism, reporting…. I don’t know, just something I’m thinking about.  Could be a Tom Foreman-connected spiritual shapeliness, not sure.  Me now on couch watching news, 7:24 in the morning.  Something about the meta, the Now, me here and all the material in it, promised by its proxy.  This morning’s latte, definitely 4 shots, not the failure of yesterday’s lackluster flop of a cup.

The quiet in this house, TV notwithstanding, an adumbration.  Like I’m in the beach house writing, having to finish the book on wine or running or reading, writing on writing, something.  Time for me and my truest of true life-work.  The kids, I want them to see me that way… one always writing and always with books coming out.  It will. It does.

Stop with that, I tell myself.  Stop writing about what will be or what you want to be.  What IS, what’s happening.  Not wanting to get into AE mode, but I know that’s the bridge to where I want to be.  Calls and emails, all day.  Make time to plan for class, can’t forget that..

Some notes, just now.  7:43…. Guy should be here soon.  Thought his showtime was 8:30 but yesterday his truck rolled up oddly onto the driveway and sideway just after 8.  So… should go to desk soon.

Getting tired of the news.  And writing.  Yes, I don’t want to write anymore.  How’s that?  Don’t know.  May need more of the latte.  Okay… into day.  Can’t take eyes away from news.  Reports on the market, cars and their emissions, and General Mills and their marketing.  Huh…..