After a call lasting nearly an hour, break to collect.  A couple new leads located and logged.  After this break, clean up desk a bit.  Have to send an email or call someone.  Will probably just call.

Relaxing to music, coffee done.  Tempted to get more.  Not sure that’s a good idea.  Where’d the cabinet guy go?  Is he done?  Guess so… short job this time ‘round with just the upstairs bathrooms and the hall way cupboard…. Checked outside, his truck’s gone.

Cold in here… think he opened the upstairs windows because of the primer.

He didn’t, so I did.  Now it’s even fucking colder.  Hungry, but can’t eat before noon.  Maybe have some coffee.  Not in the mood to write.  So why am I then.

Maybe make self a PB&J… or just PB.  Why did I capitalize that.  Why am I not using question marks.  Well… I hate punctuation, especially question marks.  That’s why.

Cabinet guy comes back, parks his truck in that weird way right in front of the driveway.  Taking another writing break, I guess..  Forgot I had music on.  Unmute, don’t like this track.

Not in any rush to get back on the phone.