Nothing. No activity, no chats, no responses to emails.

Can’t get on the phone because of kid noise.  Frustrated.

One cup of coffee, one 4-shot latte, and now thinking of another small cup made with Keurig here in home.

Henry refusing to nap, and my frustrations is like a massive earthquake that just wants to happen.  What can I do.  Wish I could get out in the field.  I don’t care about covid anymore.  If I catch it, or what.  Just want to get out of the house and show my face to businesses, have in-person interactions.  Why not.  Have to convince certain people, and that probably won’t happen any time soon.

Need to figure something out.  This isn’t working.  Having this new and massive fucking quota over my head, and not being able to prospect face to face, being here in house with a 4 month-old crying and moaning and whining, wife stressed… come on, there’s humor there right?  Well, I’m smiling right now.  What else can I do… focus on vendors, call chambers of commerce.  Okay, and when that’s done?

And how are any of these businesses registered with one chamber or another going to make a significant dent in this new quota.  I know, only so much I can do.  That won’t help me make quota though… why am I obsessing over quota?  It’s a joke, honestly.

Henry still crying, me unable to concentrate.  I should just call out for the rest of the day, really.  Why not.  No don’t do that.

Do what then?

Build something.  Something that will work.  This is the first time during this whole pandemic thing that I’ve thought about just saying fuck it.  I will, but make it work.  Turn that attitude into a lucrative wheel.

Henry moans and protests more.  Yeah…. Something needs to happen.  I feel the same way he does.