Up at 7:23.

Now in office with Jack, coffee.  Last night, three wines.  The Quivira, the weird blend, and one of the Pinots Drew left on the patio for me to try.  Thoughts haven’t taken shape yet.  Still waking.  Don’t think we got the rain that was expected, which saddens me a bit.  Maybe later, I’m hoping.

Odd dreams last night, about people with whom I never speak, but I was speaking to them last night, at length.  Odd, and not sure what it means.  Maybe nothing, maybe just a dream.  Or maybe something with more weight and significance.

Updated my wakeup times log.  Three days with no times, not bad I guess.  Jack behind me singing a little, I hold in laughter so I don’t crack the placid act of this room.  Need to get a little time before work day is off the ground.

1 project…. Why though Think, then start an inner-argument over such.  Bored already, stay in the shop.  Right now, no mood to talk bout or write anything wine-meant.  Then don’t I say to myself, getting up quickly and a bit hunched, opening blinds.  Looks like it rained a little, maybe.  Sky in layers and layered color forms, like a system is retreating.  So maybe it did rain.  Why do I need it to rain so bad.  Guess I don’t but California does, and the vines do, so blame them.

Trying still to wake and the coffee finally makes its first of felt knocks.  A rambunctious percussion, everywhere in my thought pond.  Shave, run, weights in the garage I’ve bought since the pandemic hit the marquee, time with kids, more coffee, this desk and how already I need to clean its top… WAKING EARLIER.  I know, don’t have wine past a certain time and that’ll be more attainable.  Huh, good point.