7:48am, heater comes on. I plan the day, in head only.

Write nothing.  Maybe that’s another issue, writing too much.  Didn’t I say “live more, write less”?  Well, as often is, I’m not heeding my own instruction.

Outside, quiet.  No humans visible.  I think of class, and how I need to write them today, touch base and check in, see how the first writing’s going.  That first bit of writing being 2 pages on anything.  That’s it.  And that’ll be my first of the 8 smaller typed writings to be submitted.

Feeling my age again this morning, the run the other day.  That never used to happen.  Need to do more regular, short runs.  Like 3 miles, maybe 4.  Fight aging.  And, eat better.  Not that I eat bad, but still I could incorporate more healthy additions and make more subtractions of certain in-the-moment bites.

Morning…. What about it.  It’s early, soundless, more or less still with the exception of Jack and I, and a new set of pages for me.  No institution, not stricture, or even set structure, just me and the day.  Interesting, I say to myself, and make a note to call one of the eight prospects listed on this small piece of yellow paper.

Yawn, want more coffee.  Want something else, but what.  Thought sounds in brain like a siren, an alert of something about to land but has already.  Not writing it down, say to self.  Sun coming through clouds, will have to close blinds again.  Or just keep the stage the way it is.  Someone drives by, blue truck.  Think I know who that is but….. not anyone from last night’s dream.

Making my self and writings more macaronic.  What happened to my French studies?  Idiot paresseux.  Lazy fool.  Today change.  Writing students in a bit.  And right here, in this doc, not the one I started for the semester.  Not sure why I did that.  Wanting to make sure everyone enjoyed the first class, that next, Monday, will be over zoom.  Or maybe tay on blog for Monday, but a zoom Wednesday?  See what they say….