Defining wine isn’t the point, anymore.

Just experiencing her wherever I can.  Responding to character.  Maybe that’s overthought, though.  Maybe it’s like the book writing me, wine will as well.  Just follow her, everywhere.  And sip like last night, slow and stop earlier rather than much past 10.  This morning I wake lively, and wanting so much from the day and the vineyards around Sonoma County, just down the road on Olivet or somewhere on Chalk Hill.

Watching a wine documentary last night, on importers traveling and gathering wines for their book.  One of the men quite eccentric but knowledgeable and connected to wine much the same way I am.  The other man just wanting the partnership, the deal and the sales following.  So much like the industry I deplore while the other man though annoying at times was himself – truthful, vocal, excited.  I learned while watching and sipping the Napa Cab opened just minutes before.