7:58am Woke ten minutes ago.

Jack downstairs with me on couch.  Watching relax and read next to me give me an idea – relax.  With everything.  Especially life, work, writing.  Don’t hold self to these long entries.  As I’m getting older I notice Mike Madigan getting lazier, which explains why he doesn’t finish certain projects.  So like Dad has always said, “Swiss cheese it…” Hundred words here, hundred there.  See if that work.

Coffee sipping in morning.  Should be beautiful today, like yesterday.  Kids outside playing all day for the first time since…..  Run later, vineyard/North Coffey route.  Till then, relax.  No pressure.  Watch the book just take shape.  The book will write Mike Madigan.  It’ll have to, ‘cause all he does is write entries and poems, never finishes shit.