Looking at old wine pictures again

on phone and from Facebook memories, remembering tasting the Byron Pinot, and the splash of one of the wines I made in 2012 with Blair.  Want that again, that feeling of tasting it for the first time and pouring it for other people.  Their reactions, and my reaction, the reaction of the wine after letting her rest for one month, three more, then a year or more later.  The fruit coming in, the Merlot.  The interaction with the dry ice.  Watching some footage of a couple guys I know who make wine, one having his own label then the other making wine for what I guess you could call a cult producer.  Them thieving from the barrels, remembering when I’d thief from mine at Kunde, tasted then noted then imaging me with my bottles, traveling and pouring.  Not stuck in a tasting room.