Went to Safeway. Stressed about finding Drano.

Seriously. I looked down one isle, then another, all having to do with home repair or cleaning, and nothing.  Then I walk up to two men whom I’m sure work for the store or company, and I think in a management capacity since they have no name tags or uniform put are pointing at things and doing that laughing banter and looking at each other only when smiling and laughing, like people in authority.  “Sorry, but where is Drano?”

“Oh, it’s actually right over here.” One of the men said.  Literally right next to me.  I thank him and get one of the two remaining bottles, or jugs, or canisters, whatever you call containers of Drano.  Maybe just that, containers.

But my stress and anxiety doesn’t go away for some reason.  I have to find ketchup, and veggies.  I’ve done this a million times before, why is it such a pain, every time?

Need beer, know where that is.  Why not mustard, or napkins, or canned olives?  What does that say?

I come home and the kids are playing, reading to each other.  I forget about everything that ws giving those quakes and nerve nudges.  Should have taken them with me, but I know limit exposure.

Beer open, and this won’t be my only.  Have to use the Drano, but not now.  Enjoying not being at Safeway.  No noise, no carts, no people with carts, no people with carts being noisy with their kids or by themselves crashing into corners and dropping their lettuce heads and picking it up only half bagged and protected and putting it back in their cart, or basket.  Gross.  No wonder this place stressed me.

One of the kids asks me if I want to play.  I say not right now, maybe later, and they go right back into reading with each other and forget I’m even here.


The antithetic edge of 20 minutes ago.  And, funnier.