Think we’ve all been waiting for this day, except me.

I’ve fought and collaborated with 2020.  Been a challenging year but I’m more centered as a result.  And maybe not “centered”, such a trite words.  But sure of where I’m going and what I want.

Need more coffee, no surprise.  A Pinot last night from Rickshaw.  Never had before.  Soft, like many Pinots, but with more a spell to it.  More of that haunting kiss and walk that I love in Pinot Noir.  It lacked “grip”, one could say but I didn’t and still don’t care.  Would definitely have it in the shop and bring it to pouring if I could.

Built a shelf or cabinet rather last night for Jack’s room.  Didn’t want to do it but forced myself and thought about what I go after vertically as an AE… architects, architecture, builders, construction.  The new houses I plan on buying in 2021, for family and my writing room by the water.  I’m not setting resolutions.  I’m simply going to do, create what I want, and need.  This new year will be about movement over meditation.  OR, meditative movement, that is thinking while moving and not deliberating excessively.  Building, and building more.  Right here at this corner table I used to spite and sometimes do but changed my mind and now see it as part of the bridge’s composition, getting me from here to THERE.

Like the cleaning crew graciously tending to this small house, I clean my mind.  This year with more a perceptive frame and form.  No, I’m not contradicting what I said about about excess deliberation… everything done in step while doing EVERYTHING.

EVERYTHING…. The year’s word and scope.  Eidetic, everything I see and narrate in head and bring to paper.. the beach house and my desk there, the book I finish and business I build.  Budgeting now for wine shop, with today’s check which brought with it some commission.  Not the biggest check I’ve earned, commission-wise, but not bad.  I allocated each penny.  All is devoted.

Quiet.  Still moving.  Dispelling what I don’t need, want.