Second cup. Running in about 90 minutes.

Doing the San Miguel route I thought of yesterday, where I only run a main street, San Miguel, and do every side and connected street I can.  Should be able to hit 6 miles.  May have to modify a bit but I’m not doing Coffey North again, nor am I doing the Fulton flats/River/Barnes route.  Need newness, more short runs like Tom said.

Still quiet, and not rush to get too quickly deep into the day.  What is the temp outside…. 37.  Will be 40-something at 11.  Already have half of running wear on, with hooded sweatshirt.  Today, slow.  Enjoy music.  No rushing, no excess urgency.  Enjoy….  Repeat on repeat of word, like with the Lancaster Estate Cab last night, my last of such stash.  I don’t think I’ve ever sipped slower.  Went to bed early, and thought about the wine and the place and presence wine’s to have in 2021.

New stories, new starts and books…. Like my friend that I ran into at Bottle Barn the other day, leaving his old position and now looking for something, but not rushing into anything.  The more advantageous attitude, I now know.  At 41.

Kids already requesting breakfast.  I tell them I’m working and of course Jack imitates my response.  I laugh.  I have to.  I need more of his attitude, much it irks me and his mother sometimes.  Just laugh and joke about, well, everything.  Like how quiet it is now…. You don’t even have to call in, if you want to take a day, or if you’re actually not feeling well.  There’s nothing happening.  Nothing.  I should relish this.  Know it’ll change as soon as we see 1/1/21.

Sip coffee, yawn…. Wake up, you’re running today.  Don’t even… you’re thinking about it.