8:27am Sitting with coffee, ready for this short week.

The New Year is here, and I’m following through with my plan of letters, notes and emails.  Before getting too into that, I collect in notes to self.  Written in the ’48, and in head.  Get in front of enough people.. find enough and more than enough will happen.

Covid news and how it’s still affecting business is alarming, even with this vaccine out.  Some people say by March we’ll start to see a relative normality.  I’m not waiting for that, as you know.  Starting conversations now, writing what I want into existence, or telling myself I will, am, have been.

Still feel the run from yesterday, tired after waking at some hour I can’t remember and not being able to go right back to sleep.  So I keep moving, for EVERYTHING.  Out for everything, and all the story and vignettes contained in singular characters.

Ramping up, as the year winds down.  That’s the mentality to reflect and realize, I realize.  Need this second cup, then I’ll start prospecting, looking through old leads.  Nothing on calendar today, but I’m unaffected.

Already started sending emails.  9:01am.  Kids are up, me with second cup.  Going outside vertical focus for a bit, playing as I said I should in past entries.