11:22 Back in chair

from little coffee break, went to get some for Melissa and self.

Looking in same locale for leads.  Slowly sipping a latte, about to take a writing break.  Cleared table significantly.  Not calling it a desk anymore.  ‘Cause it’s not.  It’s anything BUT.

The quiet of the day still dominates.  People not wanting to get back to work so soon.  Not that I blame them.

Already had lunch, pretty much with that breakfast wrap, so I’ll spend the lunch hour writing with no interruptions, ideally, and no guilt that I should be looking for new business.

Henry calling, I go up pulled away from desk for about ten minutes now back.  12pm exactly.

Telling self lunch starts now.  To other laptop.  Have to update card on file for Spotify.  Yes that’s important.  Music will make this year what I want.  So there is no cap in budget on music.  Note that.  Study that statement from me and study it further when I’m gone.