Getting breakfast for kids. Need coffee.

Need more space in this house.  Plan for today is more of the same, looking for conversations and setting up the new year as best I can.  Both kids doing their zoom meetings downstairs, so I’m a bit distracted and irritated.  Will do what I can.  Change my approach, every day.  Look for different, bigger businesses.  More partners, or maybe no.  Just keep moving… who do I want to work with, what business types?

Need coffee, which I just stated.  Will be using headphones today, as I’m already annoyed by all the sounds here. Know I’m not the only one in this type of scene and sett of occurrences and noises, so I cut my complaining at its cord…

Sipped, and now in office.  This coffee type supposedly has 2x the caffeine.  I’m not feeling or tasting any difference, really.  More notes on the morning, all three kids down here.  Henry awake for some reason, usually the 2-month little siren is passed out at this hour upstairs and with his mother.  Today, he’s down here and could erupt at any time.

This covid/SIP/distanced time has shown me that I need to shed, everything I can.  Projects, ideas, anything that slows me.  Go after one thing, right?  Isn’t that what focus is?  8:48, morning, put on some chill beats, Tycho, and do what I can.

Calling out is not an option this morning, not with both of them down here.  Or maybe I should, try and make it exciting, or interesting, see how well I can maneuver with the three of them down here.  Can now feel that first cup, and yes it’s quite strong.  Surprising how it crept.

Just had an idea, one I’ve had before but today it hits different.  Not sure why.

Quiet in the house now with Jackie on a break and Emma on an errand with her mother, somewhere.  Moved Henry upstairs, which I was convinced would blow up in my face after putting him down in his proper bed he looked up at me as if frustrated I moved him.  Left room and came down to desk again and haven’t heard a sliver of sound.  Check on him just now, and out.

Didn’t get breakfast, which is good.  I need to be at this desk/table.  Settle in an approach for the new year.  Happy I am where I am in terms of quota.  Never seen it this quiet.  Maybe I’m not making enough noise.  Maybe I do need to just get on the phone and call people….  Hate calling, I’ll be honest.

Forced self to make a couple calls.  Have a call at 11, which I’m all but sure is going nowhere as the prospect has already said cost is an issue.  So I’m not really sure why we’re doing the call….?

Working out at some point, today.

Just realized something… mentality, perspective, being stuck in-place…

Jack back on a zoom, turning on music here at table, try to shove aside as much of that noise as I can.