Already 11:20.

Tired of looking for new businesses, and the quiet.  Taking a bit of a step back…

Looking at custom homes, builders, architects, anything and everything I can.

Imagining a bigger house for us… the beach house for me, writing books.  Writing about being an Account Executive for a tech company/ISP during a pandemic.

Sent email to students….  Next semester MUST be my last.  It will.  Want more architecture and construction, homes in the story.

One of Emma’s Frozen dolls starts singing upstairs…. If only I could be out, in the street, in San Rafael at my work/writing/thinking spot.  Hate when I think like that, just the day and how crazed it’s been.

Cleaning crew upstairs, Jack about to get on a zoom… Need to make something happen.  Have an idea, not writing it.  Keeping it in head, same way I’m kept in this house… there I go again.

When is this all going to just END already?  Another dumb question, and frankly annoying to even ask myself.  Me annoying ME.

In a stall like this, take time to think.  Read…. Everything.  Ms. Irby’s book, zen quotes, Emerson quotes…. Poetry, listen to music… just stay in the chair I tell myself, and tell anyone reading.  Well, not TELL, but suggest.

Thinking a run may not happen today.  Cross-training instead.  Use those new weights I bought.  Be in garage for solid hour, if not a couple minutes more.

Just sitting…. Sitting…..  One of the other AE’s said “Crickets…” to describe the morning, day so far.  How to force the opposite.  Can’t make calls, or maybe I just don’t want to.  Odd day, in a marathon of marathons of odd days.

Need to write more jokes, humor, comedy about this… like, can I claim worker’s comp from being forced to work at home?  Maybe that’s not a joke.  Maybe that’s a thing.  A thing I should do.  Be one of those people, that just complains and gets what they want.  Even if the complain is just, it’s a complaint I think to myself, and I HATE complaining.  When I do it, the kids, family, anyone…  So I guess it’s a just a joke, one that hits or doesn’t I don’t care I wrote it.

11:56 What’s for lunch.  Not in the mood for leftover Chinese… want a sandwich or something.  Just finished a chess game with Jack, the one he and I have been working on for about a week.  He won, not sure how.  Well, I do… he had all the more movement-specific pieces out and I had a gang of pawns which didn’t help.  He just swept the board, fast.

Jack in office with me, reading.  So I start reading a bit.  Then stop.  Think I need more coffee…

Cleaning ladies come downstairs, both of them.  Appreciate them, immeasurably, but then find myself getting stressed by them being here – having to maneuver, put on mask, have Jack with me or on the upper-floor when they’re here or the reverse.

I’m mood this week.  I killed quota too quickly.  Goddamn the sales life… this AE sea has gobbled me.  Plan for next year sure but what if I’m not in the mood right now.  I am, then am not.  What’s that mean.  This is what happens when you’re in sales.  And a pandemic. And in a house with four other humans.