EOD.  Queueing up camera, looking through old shots.  Again seeing Bottledaux as a publishing and media entity.  One possibly bigger than I first thought.

Pouring self a bit of the Lancaster Estate Cab in a bit.  Want wine to be more, even more, part of this thesis, my life’s work.  Everything comes from a wined thought or experience, or actually sipping something as I’m about to do.

My drive the other day to Olivet Road, just wanting to be in a vineyard for a few minutes, take a couple shots before having to return to child riots.  The quiet of the drive, like the much needed and awaited and I’ll even say prayed for sound void in this house.

Re-reading Irby’s ‘We Are Never Meeting’, and I know I need to be more free with writing, with myself… see more comedy in everyday shit and not get so bent, don’t let that mood wave and jab put me in a certain way.  Talk to self more, even interview self, like now… “So one goal for tonight… if you could do one thing that would get you to where you want to be, your office or beach composition cottage, what would it be?” I don’t know, I say.  Can I have some wine and get back to you?