Reports in, list of clients for gifting in as well, worked some numbers for a possible proposal.  Already made the month but feel like I haven’t done that much.  Must mean I’m ready for 2021..  It has to, right?

Drinking regular coffee brewed here in home.  Monday… still thinking about it.  What it is, what it means.

Staying at the desk to collect self for a bit before I start looking for conversations.  Doing some math, with time… if I took out something, what could I do with what remains.  9-11, tonight, writing and blogging and designing.  Then 4-6 tomorrow morning.  4 hours, by 5 days, 20 hours of writing and blogging and business building…  Project for this week.  Making note of, in 1948 journal.

9:04am Still not ready to make calls, or even email.  Little more collection, here at desk.  Not sure why I can’t pull self from it.  Interesting.  OR annoying.

Almost done with this cup…  Day quiet so far.  Look for businesses, I tell myself.  Find something good, something interesting, something and someone with whom you’d want to work.  Don’t rush conversation, or conversion.  Sandbag till 2021…  Starting to think I shouldn’t write any more business this year…  Just start conversations.  Hmmm….

Found 2 businesses to call, in Novato.  Separating from the company for a bit, what else is there.  There’s me.  And what does my brand or being tell.  Conversation.  REAL partnership.. not that the other AE’s don’t do that, I’m just brainstorming for the ’21 year or “funnel” like some say.

Emma turning 5 tomorrow.  Just shook me, the reality that can’t be argued or disputed, how quick she’s growing be negotiated.  She’s 5.  Nothing I can do about it.  Less that nothing, actually.  More I think about it the more REAL it is.