This busy morning has me

dimensionally delighted, not at all discouraged.

Call in a bit with a new conversation started with a sales bloke local to area.  Had to resend a contract with the correct prov interval on it.

Listing everything I do.. proving to self all production and fruition.

Already nearing 10 o’clock.  Will write at lunch, no run.  Bike later today, possibly at night and just have a late dinner.  Back out on pavement again tomorrow.

What else do I want from the day, I ask self.  Writing… business…  MY OFFICE.

The next house.

The writing cottage in Monterey…

Generating own leads going forward, not depending on inbounds.  Only way to do that is through conversation… emailing.  Research.

2021 is also when the vvv blog is revenue-generating.  Selling wine and/or brokering sales…

Light jazz playing through phone.  Much different day today.  Tranquility and the contrast is so stark it’s almost alarming.  Giving me space and atmosphere to thing… what am I an AE for?  For Sonic, for me?  For both?  Sonic talks about revolution and revolutionary ideas, practices… what I’m feeling today.

Should I do coffee, or espresso?  Want to sip something, something a little more quantified.  So, then, yes, coffee.

Think I want a boat.  How hard could they be to drive?  Something like a 30 or 40-footer?  Park it in Sausalito.  I’ll get a license eventually, but to sail out into the bay, or dock somewhere, or just stay docked in Saus’.  Finish a book in a handful of sittings.  Scribble more, start next project…. Plan my next wine trip.

Thoughts everywhere this morning.  Should be prospecting but I need to expel this energetic echo.

Wrote a poem, finally.  Promised myself the other day that I would write three a day, and of course… broke the practice and habit.  But anyway, wrote one.  Think I should limit self to one instead of trying to tackle three or have that be law.  One.  A poem.  EVERY.  Day.

11:58 Called new lead.  Kids taking a break, Henry crying I think tired and cranky, over the morning.  Can tell in his voice that he’s tired.  Isn’t that funny, I think to myself, that I can tell what’s on his mind from a cry tone or length.

Wanting to take lunch, in other words writing…. Plan 2021 a little more.  Clean up this work area, which is difficult being in the corner at this small table and butting up against the xmas tree.

Day, much more in my hands than yesterday.  Have to plan for class tonight.  Just need to write it.

Note:  full page for tonight’s class.

Note:  Music…. More of it.

One thing at a time, I keep telling myself when I feel that cyclone and swell that I have to do this and this and this and this….  Slow.  Keep your beat, Mikey…..  Slowly sipping this coffee, can hear the kids in the other room on their break.  Other than that, the day is relatively quiet.  The day not ahead of me, but I’m not ahead it as much as I’d like to be.