5-mile run, first in a while.

And in the rain.  Not at all happy with the pace, 9:11, but I got out there when I was again tempted to just stay in, drink coffee or have lunch, take a nap of just laze.  The tech conference this morning, Women in Tech put on by Silicon Valley, made me think of new projects of course but ways to develop the ones already in place.  Took notes none of which I have committed accurately to memory but a newsletter on identity and happiness, the DIY factor of it all.  The my ‘#alliwannadoizrun’ blog idea, possibly a merch’ element to it.  Then of course wine, how to just explode the vvv blog.

Call in 15 minutes with a new conversation, guy in the IoT sphere.  No aim, just want to learn his story, like my friend Shannon says “see what he has to say”.

Coffee, cup one post-run.  On the run, thought about how to run more, embody a runner more, be that “all I wanna do is run” figure more pervasively, in everything I do.  So I thought, 1, don’t think about it, don’t think at all actually just move.  2, don’t worry about pace, just keep running, every step and street is a separate story.

1:48 Twelve minutes.  But I think this is wrong, this clock.  It is, it’s fast, so I think I have more time than I thought.  To my right Henry’s little chair, the one that vibrates and I begrudgingly assembled with MAF.  She wasn’t the problem, I was, my attitude.  But Henry loves it, often makes his sounds in it like he did last night, and loves staring at the hanging animals, a tiger I think it is and a monkey holding a ring with smaller rings hanging from the larger.  He’s two months old now, and I’m seeing more lesson and material, business material and marketable material frankly in his growth, how he moves and his sounds.  The growth of a company, of an idea, of self…. The story, EVERYTHING.

A word I’ve been using a lot lately.  EVERYTHING.  So much application to if and from it.  From running to tech, to wine to parenting, to these covid days and everything shaping in a more “virtual” sense, as was stressed in this morning’s conference.  There’s something there.  EVERYTHING, is there.  Here.