7:08 up

Coffee brewed, first cup made.

Creativity and conversation. I’m always saying that solves everything. Bring an AE is about EVERYTHING. So today is about creative. Creativity with my approach to city chambers, to tech events and community. EVERYTHING.

Everyone still asleep. Not much time for this entry, I’m sure. So, just notes.

Notes all day. One line per.

The new contract sure to land today. Just a couple nudges will push it over the fruition border.

30 degrees outside. Definitely too cold to run. Have to change that attitude.

7:13 Will need to wake kids soon. 7:23, the usual time. And yes, that’s the usual time. Odd in normal days, totally commonplace in covid’s craze.

Sip coffee again….. set down phone wall from kitchen island counter to counter corner behind me pickup cup and sip and think about 2021… start molding it now. Today. How you’ll get from the Agency to a small winery.

More notes….