Definitely crazy with both

of them home.  Still though I manage to find new businesses, send emails, have wine sent from St. Francis to two vendors/partners.  10:53 and taking a little writing break.  Headed out to get lunch, Oliver’s, trying to make day fun for them, for everyone.  Doing my best.

The contract I thought was going to land today is more than likely coming in tomorrow or early next week.  Have a call today at 3, with someone from a competitor company.  Interesting to see where that goes, and I’m sure somewhere beneficial as he seems nice and eager to collaborate and possibly be referral partners of some kind.  Again, we’ll see how it goes.  Take a deep glug of the latte, 4-shots, maybe one or two full sips left.  I’d say one, one and a quarter.  Never been good at math, in fact I still have dreams where I’m in college or high school and I suddenly realize I haven’t been to class in weeks, and wonder how many tests and assignments I’v missed, and if there’s any possible way I could be passing.  Math….. thought about taking an online course, just to see how I’d do. But I don’t have time.

Camera.  Right here by laptop.  I need to get out, take some shots… may do later in day, when sun is in its fall.  Get out of the house for something other than an errand.  2021, I’m not sure I’ll care how much covid there is in the world, I need to get out, be in the street… make more face-to-face’s.  I’m doing okay now, I know, and am about 100% so far this month, but… I always wonder.  What is covid didn’t hit.